Ciro Denetimi

Turnover audits are carried out under the contracts such as turnover-indexed franchising, royalty, dealership, distributorship, shopping mall rental fees, etc. It includes the audit procedure and studies established to determine whether the turnover of the business is determined in accordance with the determined criteria.

If the Company,

  • wants to find out whether the turnovers declared by the institutions it does business with are correct,
  • wants to determine the amount of turnover that will constitute the basis for various (rent, franchising cost, etc.) calculations

it should have a turnover audit.

Under the scope of turnover audit:

  • We apply inspection techniques such as recalculation and observation.
  • We obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence regarding the accuracy of the amounts.
  • We evaluate the internal controls applied by the company in order to determine the turnover correctly.
  • We present a report to the management regarding the detected differences.

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