Vergi Danışmanlık ve Beyanname Hizmetleri
  • Providing audit, consulting and organization services to the accounting services of companies on tax legislation and financial reporting
  • Checking or preparing all tax returns (Corporate Tax, Income Tax, VAT, Withholding, SCT Stamp Duty, Temporary Corporate Tax, etc.) in accordance with their legal terms and recording them in the system, abd receiving their accruals
  • Opening procedures of Tax Offices, SSI and Regional Directorates of Laborrelated to the head office, workplace and/or branches, obtaining a registration number
  • Preparing annual activity reports that need to be sent to the Treasury or to the relevant Ministries and sending them to the relevant institution
  • Notifying and circularizing the changes in financial legislation.
  • Tax planning for local and foreign investors within the framework of local and international tax legislation
  • Providing services for calculating, declaring, returning or offsetting tax refunds
  • Management and execution of E Ledger, E Invoice and other electronic application processes.
  • Providing consulting on tax reviews and cases and cooperating with legal units

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Accounting and Financial Reporting

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