Sosyal Güvenlik Check-Up Hizmeti

Before the inspections such as notice, complaint, minimum workmanship to be made by public institutions, necessary reports are made to ensure that the businesses prepare for this process and act proactively in compliance with each legislative obligation and thus possible losses can be prevented.

For the companies that want to act with the philosophy of “be inspected before inspection and fix process”, we offer the following services;

  • Line of business code, NACE code compliance
  • Compliance audit of identity notification, employment and exit statements
  • Audit of sub-employer activities
  • Audit of personal file
  • Audit of working times
  • Regulatory compliance audit of the permits under the law no 4857
  • Audit of benefiting from employment incentive laws no 5510, 6111, 6645, 4857, 7103, 6322, 6486, 5921, 25510, 5746 and 7252
  • Regulatory compliance audit of payrolls
  • Regulatory compliance audit to detect errors made in payroll parameters in payrolls
  • Regulatory compliance audit of exceptional amounts in payrolls
  • Regulatory compliance audit of payroll, withholding and premium service declaration and journal book
  • Regulatory compliance audit of work accidents
  • Regulatory compliance audit of the tax deductions of disabled employees
  • Regulatory compliance audit of workplace
  • Reporting the results of the audit made on labor and social security risks and the observed deficiencies to the management

Labor, Social Security and Incentive Consulting Services

Labor and Social Security Consulting Service

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Minimum Workmanship Consulting Service

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