Kısa Çalışma Ödeneği Danışmanlık Hizmeti

Employers may face situations such as the reduction or cessation of their activities due to extraordinary situations and cyclical contractions.

We provide consultancy services with our expertise throughout the entire process for businesses that prefer to apply for Short-Time Work Allowance to ensure the continuity of their employees’ income;

  • Preparation of company-specific scenario for on-the-job training
  • Filling the application form in line with the prepared scenario
  • Preparation of company documents in accordance with the application form and submission to ISKUR
  • Getting approval for short time work allowance according to the prepared documents
  • Calculation of monthly work tables for the xml file and entering them into the system completely
  • Saving ratio and proportion table in the ISKUR system
  • Reflecting the calculation tables of ISKUR in accordance with the payrolls
  • Preparation of monthly reports and submission to the employer
  • Professional execution of official institutions and processes

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