İş ve SGK Denetimleri ile İlgili Hizmetler

In scheduled and unscheduled inspections by the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services and the Social Security Institution, we provide all the necessary support before and after the inspection for the businesses to successfully complete the inspection process.

We can list the services we provide in this scope as follows;

  • Participating in a inspections to be carried out by Labor Inspector Social Security Inspector and Social Security Inspectors
  • The management of the processes to make the workplace records and documents ready for inspection by doing check-up before the inspection
  • Providing legislative support in labor and social security inspections
  • Management of processes for evaluating suggestions in inspection reports
  • Managing the processes for written objection to formal and procedural deficiencies
  • Management of objection to the administration and legal dispute processes in labor and social security issues

Labor, Social Security and Incentive Consulting Services

Labor and Social Security Consulting Service

Social Security Check-Up Service

Consulting Services On Primary Employer-Sub Employer Relations

Retirement Consulting Services

Employment Incentives Consulting Services

Minimum Workmanship Consulting Service

Work Permit Consulting Service For Foreigners

Payrolling Consulting Service

On-The-Job-Training Program Consulting Service

Short-Time Working Allowance Consulting Service

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