Emeklilik Danışmanlığı Hizmetleri

With the experience of our expert team who has worked in the Social Security Institution for many years, we carry out retirement transactions both inside and outside Turkey. We provide consulting services to companies in order for the retirement calculations of the insured are correct and the bureaucratic steps are finalized immediately.

We can list our retirement consulting services as follows;

  • Management of processes for determining the insurance status of company executives
  • Providing strategic advice and management of processes regarding high pensions of company executives
  • Management of processes regarding conflict in insurance status

Labor, Social Security and Incentive Consulting Services

Labor and Social Security Consulting Service

Services Related to Labor and SSI Inspections

Consulting Services On Primary Employer-Sub Employer Relations

Social Security Check-Up Service

Employment Incentives Consulting Services

Minimum Workmanship Consulting Service

Work Permit Consulting Service For Foreigners

Payrolling Consulting Service

On-The-Job-Training Program Consulting Service

Short-Time Working Allowance Consulting Service

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