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We think it is of great benefit to get a consulting service before the public offering and intermediary firm applications, in case companies decide to finance their growth with public offering.

Thanks to the consulting service, companies may see their weaknesses and correct them, as well as reveal their strengths before they appear before the investors, CMB and Borsa Istanbul, thus ensuring that the process runs fast and flawlessly.

We can list the scope of our public offering consulting service we provide in this context as follows:

  • Preparation of financial road map: Creating the “financial road map” in order to implement the determined financial management strategy
  • Retructuring financial activity: Providing consulting on financial planning and activity restructuring in line with the financial strategy
  • Coordination and orientation: Coordinating the financial restructuring process and supporting its management
  • Preparation of public offering circular: Preparing the public offering circular to be approved by the CMB and submitting it to the employer and the intermediary firm for signature.
  • Preparation of application forms: Communicating with CMB, ISE, CRA and similar official institutions and organizations, preparing the application forms and documents to be submitted to the said institutions
  • Coordination of public offering: Assisting the employer in the selection of intermediary institutions, law firms, audit firms and similar actors to take part in the public offering process and coordinating the public offering process on behalf of the employer with these actors, taking into account the employer’s interest
  • Services for Compliance to CMB Legislation: Bringing the employer’s articles of association in compliance with the CMB legislation
  • Analysis of audit reports: Examining the independent audit reports and lawyer reports and expressing opinions

Public Offering and After Process Consulting

We carry out the public offering of companies that have completed all the necessary processes for public offering. After the public offering, we organize informative trainings on the issues that the company should pay attention to and the rules to be followed.

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