Durum Tespit Raporları (Due-Diligence) Hazırlama

Financial valuation helps founders, shareholders and potential investors to determine the value of the company.

The need for financial valuation may arise in relation to the following different conditions;

  • If the company is planned for sale, it is important to know the market value to determine
  • While trying to increase the capital, the valuation function will serve as a basis for the investor in making the final decision.
  • In case of potential dispute between the company partners,
  • if one or some of the partners leave the partnership or wish to retire, a comprehensive analysis of the company’s shares and appropriate pricing is very important

We can list the services we provide in this context as follows:

  • Reviewing company activities and preparing future projections
  • Determination of company value by Adjusted Net Asset Value Method, Discounted Cash Flow and Trading Multiples Methods accepted in international markets
  • Identifying the minority and majority share difference
  • Valuation of goodwill

Financial Due-Diligence Reports:

Financial Due Diligence Reports are an examination method used in all corporate finance methods in the form of privatizations, acquisitions and mergers, minority share sales, private placement sales, public offering or project finance, especially for those whose size exceeds a certain amount.

Expectations from the Financial Due Diligence study can be listed as follows:

  • To measure the reliability of the information provided by the company,
  • To reveal the commitments of the company,
  • To reveal whether the value of the company is a reasonable price,
  • To form an opinion about whether the company’s past financial performance is sustainable,
  • To receive professional opinion on the potential future profitability and cash-generating

The main purpose of our Financial Due Diligence Services is to determine the financial and operational performance of the target business, risks and potential findings that may hinder the agreement in the purchase / sale process for both the purchaser and the seller, and to complete the process in the smoothest way possible.

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