Kurumsal Raporlama Paketi Hazırlama ve/veya Denetimi

Through the service for the Preparation and/or Audit of Corporate Reporting Package, as a component of the large structure operating across the world, we aim to help businesses fulfill their financial reporting obligations by preparing the necessary financial information (consolidation package) in accordance with reporting standards (IFRS, UK GAAP, US GAAP, German GAAP), and to ensure the reliability of the information by auditing the financial information prepared by the companies in the same nature, in accordance with international standards on independent auditing.

The services we offer within this scope include the preparation of tables, graphs and analyzes containing various performance indicators to be presented to the top management of the enterprises.

The preparation of financial information in accordance with international reporting standards such as IFRS, UK GAAP, US GAAP, German GAAP, and the audit of the information prepared by the company and the reporting of performance indicators are conducted by our expert and experienced independent audit team in accordance with professional ethical principles and current audit standards.

Always acting with the awareness that we are an important part of the whole, and knowing how the work is important and necessary work for our customers, we apply flexible working models to comply with group instructions and deadlines for reporting processes.

Independent Audit of Financial Statements

Irregularity (Fraud) Examinations

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