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Our attorney office, which provides services in all legal problems related to private law, especially in the fields of commercial law, tax law and civil law, provides attorneyship and consulting services before the establishment of commercial or individual relations and in order to prevent legal disputes that may arise in the future. We provide legal services with our professional and expert lawyers at the stages of lawsuit and enforcement proceedings in order to protect client rights and distribute the right in an equitable manner from the dispute arises.

Our legal team, specialized in Tax Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Civil Law and Inheritance Law constantly follows the legislative changes and new case law and has a structure that have comprehensive knowledge of current law. Our team provides services with its expertise and knowledge in order to fulfill client requests and ensure that justice is served.

We primarily abide by all kinds of rights and obligations arising from the Legal Practitioners Act and Professional Rules of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations at all stages of the lawsuits and works we follow on behalf of our clients and, we take every care within the scope of legal rules in order to protect client interests at the highest level.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our Corporate and Commercial Law team provides fully qualified advice on all matters arising in the commercial field. We provide consulting services in the fields of corporate law and commercial law for domestic and foreign companies and groups, strategic and financial investors, funds, and foreign persons or entities wishing to invest in Turkey. In this context, we provide services for the opening of subsidiaries of our clients, the establishment of branches and liaison offices of foreign companies, and signing agency, distributorship and business partnership agreements between Turkish and foreign companies.

As PKF Law, we can list our services under Corporate and Commercial Law consulting as follows;

  • The launch of commercial activities in Turkey
  • Establishment of company, restructuring of companies, company’s articles of association and preparation of documents regarding ongoing activities
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Joint ventures
  • Purchases, restructuring, exits
  • Portfolio management
  • Capital increase and decrease, company division, partial restructuring
  • Shareholding agreements
  • Regulatory compliance and corporate governance
  • Advice to officials and managers
Şirketler ve Ticaret Hukuku

Legal Consulting

The existence of legal counselors and their recommendations are of great importance, especially in order to take preventive measures and to prevent possible problems that may arise in the future. After the dispute arises and after the legal process is initiated by the parties, there is always the risk of loss of rights due to the fact that the necessary measures have not been taken in time.

In this context, preparation all kinds of contracts, reviewing existing contracts and business relations, providing verbal and written consulting on legal matters, informing about new laws and regulations, organizing employee-employer relations, holding periodically review meetings and participating in negotiation meetings with third parties and institutions are within the scope of the legal consulting services we provide.

Within the body of PKF Law, we may provide consulting services on a one-off or continuous basis, depending on the request and the nature of the legal situation.

Representation Service

The advocacy service is not limited to the establishment of a proxy relationship in lawsuits or enforcement proceedings. Indeed, it is clear that in relations with public institutions and institutionalized enterprises, it is necessary to make transactions and seek rights through attorneys who have full knowledge of the legislation.

On the other hand, it is important to be represented by an attorney in order to prevent loss of rights in relations with individuals and companies.

As PKF Law, we reveal our legal knowledge and experience with the representation service we provide to our clients, and we provide services in order to achieve the most positive results for our clients.

Hukuki Danışmanlık

Consultancy Services Provided During Inspection

After completing the meeting and inspection process performed with examination personnel during tax and customs inspection processes, performing required explanation and objections in tax inspection reports is highly important for the later stages of the process.

In this respect, we, PKF Legal Inspection team during inspections;

  • Provide consultancy during entire process from Inspection Beginning Report to Tax Inspection Report,
  • Submit documents and assessment report to inspection officer regarding matters which may be criticized during inspection,
  • Provide legal and technical supports by attending together with taxpayer/client the negotiations which may be conducted before Report Assessment Commissions.

Consultancy Services Given After Inspection

After the inspection, the special ruling, circular and settled case-laws given by the administration about the criticized issues in the Tax Inspection and Tax Technique Reports are examined and it should be carefully decided whether the said conflict should be settled at the administrative stage or should it be filed to court.

We, PKF team, after the Inspection;

  • Asses the criticized issues in terms of legislation and judgment decisions,
  • Check the inspection reports in terms of basis and procedure,
  • Conducting applications at juridical bodies, if any, after administrative application upon the completion of customs inspection and follow-up of this process.

Services Provided regarding Settlement After Inspection

Settlement after the inspection is of great importance in terms of the taxpayer/client, because resolving the said dispute at the settlement or filing it for lawsuit will directly affect the economical conditions the taxpayer/client would face. Therefore, the legislation and settled application works before settlement directly affect the settlement.

Services we, PKF Legal team, provide during settlement;

  • Assessment of the report subject to inspection and the subject of inspection in terms of tax and customs legislation, court decisions and settled case-laws,
  • Attending the Settlement Before and After Levitation together with taxpayer/client.
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Services Provided during Judgment

In case juridical bodies are applied regarding the subject of conflict, resolving the tax and customs issues are such matters which require advanced speciality, therefore following the said disputes at court stage, carrying out them by lawyers competent in technical issues are highly important for the taxpayer/client.

Services we provide before juridical bodies as PKF Legal team;

  • In case there are issues restricting the freedom, representing the taxpayer/client at hearings before inspections and courts during investigations before public prosecutor office,
  • Assessing the report and matter subject to dispute in terms of tax and customs legislation,
  • Following up the cases before first degree court, Regional Administrative and Regional Jurisdiction Courts, Council of State and Court of Accounts,
  • Individual Application at Constitutional Court and performing this process.

Labor Law Consulting

Our aim with our legal services is to ensure that our customers can respond to the requirements of the labor law regulations in the fastest way possible. In the process of companies’ compliance with the legislation and being prepared for possible audits,
we support our customers via phone and e-mail, and we hold regular meetings every 3 months regarding current legislation.

Both to ensure that companies provide a working environment compliant with the legislation and to solve the problems they may encounter in the field of human resources without any risk, we can list our services within the scope of Labor Law Consultancy as follows;

  • Regulatory compliance and implementation consulting on payroll, release, termination, cancellation,
  • Examining and contributing to the texts to be prepared by the company on labor law and social security issues
  • Regulatory compliance audit of employment contracts and personal files
  • Regulatory compliance audit of work and rest periods
  • Regulatory compliance audit of wage cutting penalties in the workplace
  • Regulatory compliance audit of personal files in the workplace
  • Regulatory compliance audit of disciplinary regulations and practices in the workplace
  • Regulatory compliance audit of overtime work practices in the workplace

Services for Citizenship, Residence and Work Permits Given to Foreign Persons

As PKF Law, we can list the services we provide to foreigners in terms of citizenship and, residence and work permits;

  • Managing the work and residence permits and citizenship application processes of foreigners
  • Evaluation of the situation and consulting within the framework of the relevant legislation before applications
  • Evaluation of work permits in terms of industry and professional groups
  • Consulting on short-term assignments from abroad
  • Objection and appeal in case of rejection of the application request
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Enforcement Proceedings Services

With our expert legal team, we prepare and professionally follow up enforcement proceedings with and without judgment, bills of exchange, rent receivables, conversion of pledge and mortgage into money. We also provide a professional legal service for the entire enforcement proceedings, in terms of objections to debt or signature.

İcra Takibi Hizmetleri

Litigation Attorney

Our team, which adopts the unique characteristics of each legal discipline thanks to its result-oriented approach and professional experience, provides professional attorney service in all branches of law. Constant follow-up of current court decisions and legislative changes is one of the key factors in providing the best attorney service to our clients.

In order to ensure client satisfaction within the scope of attorney service, we are aware of the fact that each concrete case differs according to its own characteristics, and we operate the legal ways and procedures specific to the case. We inform our clients at every stage of the aforementioned procedures, and we ensure that the dispute is resolved as soon as possible in order to prevent material and moral damages that may be caused by the delay of justice.

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