Bordrolama Danışmanlık Hizmeti

Payroll transactions are processes that create serious costs for businesses and prevent using the workforce in the right areas.

We offer payrolling services at national and international standards without the need for a large department within the business;

  • Calculation of payrolls in legal parameters
  • Tracking and payrolling special deductions
  • Payrolling of additional monthly payments
  • Follow up of wage regulations
  • Payrolling overtime work
  • Tracking and payrolling the forms of minimum living allowance
  • Payrolling of execution deductions and follow-up of all execution balances
  • Making compulsory individual pension system (BES) deductions and sending them to BES company
  • Creating payment and bank lists
  • Preparation of abstracts
  • Preparing payrolls as printouts according to preference
  • Determination of intern salary payments
  • Approval of SSI reports from the system
  • Preparation of SSI e-declaration
  • Preparing the police station identity statements for those who are hired
  • Calculation of severance, notice and leave of those who leave of employment
  • Preparation of legal documents (employment certificate, notice of acquittance, salary slip) of those who leave of employment
  • Calculation of annual leave obligation and severance obligation
  • Sending withholding declaration data regarding payroll Preparation of company-specific payroll and working hour reports Preparation of cost reports
  • Sharing payroll data with the employer when requested Tracking company staff’s personal information in the system Making SSI recruitment and exit notifications
  • Follow-up of score cards from branches Creating staff’s personal files
  • Monitoring working conditions of pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Informing the employer about their working conditions and periods
  • Tracking the annual leave log and ensuring that it occurs in the system
  • Providing necessary correspondence with the agencies such as enforcement office etc.
  • Making and following up personnel contracts

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