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Operational audit reveals whether the business is working effectively in its activities in general, while it also helps to measure whether the business is successful in achieving its goals. As a result of the operational audit, the status of the business is determined and recommendations are made to the management.

The operational audit is not limited to accounting transactions, as it also includes other functions of the business, its application area is quite wide. Organizational structure, production methods, marketing policies, information processing activities of the enterprise can be included in the scope of examination of operational audit.

In the company, if,

  • there are doubts as to whether the business operations are carried out effectively,
  • it is thought that marketing, production and purchasing departments are not working in a coordinated and harmonious manner,
  • it is thought that business operations on the basis of transaction cycles (sales, purchases, etc.) should be reconsidered,
  • the existing structure is required to be evaluated and handled by independent auditors,

operational audit is needed.

As a result of the operational audit, it is aimed to increase especially profitability by improving the harmony and cooperation between the departments.

We can list the stages of operational audit as follows;

  • The important fields of activity of the business are determined.
  • The operating budgets of the business are obtained.
  • The operational performance data and rates of the sector in which the business is located are investigated.
  • The operating processes of the business are observed.
  • The operational budget and actual operations of the company are examined, the reasons for deviations are revealed.
  • The operating performance of the business is compared with the sector averages and previous years.
  • A recommendation letter is prepared to the management to work more efficiently and effectively.

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