İşbaşı Eğitim Programı Danışmanlık Hizmeti

By using the On-the-Job Training Program before the employment declaration of the insured who are planned to be hired, savings can be achieved in the cost of the insured to the employer. In this process, since you have the opportunity to see the trainees on the job, the insured can be trained according to the needs of the business and they can develop their professional knowledge and skills.

We can list the services we provide in this scope as follows;

  • Determining the on-the-job training program, selecting relevant
  • Preparation of ISKUR trainee ID cards and signature sheets
  • Preparation of ISKUR trainee attendance charts
  • Making checks regarding personnel entry and exit in the workplace
  • Follow-up and execution of
  • official processes regarding ISKUR trainees
  • Taking actions for employment following the end of on-the-job training
  • Preparation of reports for on-the-job training

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