İş, Sosyal Güvenlik ve Teşvik Danışmanlığı Hizmetleri

While the regulations made in the working life in recent years have provided important opportunities for companies, the complex structure of the labor and social security legislation and the obligations it imposes on all segments cause various risks. Professional support is of utmost importance as the heavy burden of inspections and administrative sanctions increasing day by day causes unrecoverable results.

The businesses have to be globally competitive in today’s business life. Competition in the dynamic market conditions can only be achieved by giving importance to cost management. Therefore, for cost minimization, all deserved incentives should be used in a correct, effective and fast way without ignoring any details.
As PKF Human Resources, we guide businesses to understand and apply the detailed obligations in the labor legislation in the most accurate way with our expert team, and offer services at international quality and standards with the vision of continuous development. While doing so, we support you to be one step ahead of your competitors by taking advantage of technology at the highest level and going beyond classical approaches..

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