Labor and social security legislation has a multifaceted and comprehensive structure and is constantly updated in line with changing needs Under the scope of “Social Security Consulting Service”, we instantly support all your legislative problems and provide you make a fast and correct decision.

We can list the services we provide in this scope as follows;

  • Audit of workplace notification, employment an dismissal procedures of insured.
  • Management of work accident and occupational disease processes
  • Defect rates in work accidents and occupational diseases, audit of employers’ legal responsibilities
  • Management of the processes of determining premium rates and earnings based on premium
  • Management of regulatory compliance processes of the type, nature and law numbers of withholding and service declarations
  • Management of legal processes related to accrual, collection, objection and time-out of administrative fines.
  • Regulatory compliance management of line of business code

Labor, Social Security and Incentive Consulting Services

Social Security Check-Up Service

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Minimum Workmanship Consulting Service

Work Permit Consulting Service For Foreigners

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