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The review of the internal control system and reporting it to the management, a sound internal control system and the application of this system as foreseen by the company management is an important factor in the success of every business.

Although there is no business that does not have internal controls, the designed internal controls must be effective and designed to respond to various risks.

Internal audit plays an important role in achieving the goals of the enterprise by ensuring the effectiveness of the organization’s risk management, control and corporate governance processes.

In the company, if,

  • it is desired to audit whether internal controls are designed in line with business needs,
  • the internal audit function is desired to be performed with the support of an external source,
  • it is desired to restructure internal audit by identifying operational risks and taking into account the constantly changing business and business conduct,

internal audit is needed.

With our experts, we review whether the company’s internal control system is reliable or not and audit whether it is operated at the prescribed efficiency. We develop suggestions for solutions for identified weaknesses and internal controls that are not followed, and present them to the senior management in the form of a recommendation report.

We can list the stages of internal audit as follows:

  • The risks of the business are determined.
  • The adequacy of existing internal controls against the risks of the company is evaluated.
  • Whether internal controls are applied or not is tested.
  • A report on internal control weaknesses is prepared.
  • A recommendation report is submitted to the management regarding the improvement of internal controls.

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