Kurum Analizi

Corporate Analysis is a research that we examine a company with scientific methods over 20 factors such as the current situation, human structure, the market where it is the systems it applies, future foresight, management capabilities, and competition.

In Corporate Analysis, we conduct analyzes on the basis of products (product groups of which loss exceeds its benefits, profitable product groups), suppliers and customers by examining the organizational records by considering the following issues.

  • The reason for the company’s existence
  • The state and course of the industry in which it operates
  • The company’s position in the industry
  • Areas of difference between the employer’s mind-dream company and the current situation
  • Differences in perception and gaps between staff, owner and customers
  • Self-capabilities of the company
  • Reasons for the company’s competitive advantage
  • Strengths, Weaknesses
  • Strategic areas and priorities
  • Available strength and resources
  • Customers’ perceptions and expectations about the company (where the customer positions the company in his/her mind, customers’ long-term working intentions, customer satisfaction-satisfaction level, customers’ price perception)
  • Staff structure and staff’s evaluations about the company (including their commitment and expectations to the organization)


We generate information for Corporate Analysis with the following tools;

  • Examination of the national and international situation of the industry where the company is located
  • Interview with important customers
  • Survey with all customers
  • Interviews with staff in certain positions
  • Interviews with manager and the employer
  • Examination of corporate records (accounting, customer, profitability, product analysis)

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