Transfer Fiyatlandırması Uyuşmazlıkları ile İlgili Danışmanlık Hizmetleri:

PKF Istanbul will also be able to serve you against a possible tax conflict with the services we provide regarding the fulfillment of your company’s annual transfer pricing documentation obligation and the determination of the risks that may arise in your related transactions. In this context, in case of a tax dispute regarding transfer pricing, it provides support at all stages of the dispute;

  • Reviewing the disputed related transactions and the company’s current documentation on this subject, providing legal and technical support, conducting interviews with the inspectors, providing guidance during the review and signing of the prepared minutes.
  • Analyzing the review report “after tax examinations” in terms of legislation and implementation, making recommendations on the creation of the action plan to be determined by the company at this stage, supporting the company in reconciliations if it is decided.
  • Determining the evidence that forms the basis for lawsuit petitions, finding decisions that can set a precedent, providing support in the capacity of financial advisor in the hearings at the “litigation stage”

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