Transfer Fiyatlandırması ile İlgili Danışmanlık ve Yeniden Yapılandırma Hizmetleri

In all developed countries, transfer pricing consultancy is a very dynamic issue for both companies and Financial Administrations. Depending on the economic conditions, the restructuring of the group companies of the parent companies in different countries or the centralization of some services within the group in order to provide cost advantages (for example, their organization as a holding) make it necessary to regularly control the transfer pricing policies of the group companies and change them when necessary.

We offer the following consultancy services with our expert staff:

  • Identifying and reviewing transactions with related parties,
  • Examining and evaluating the contracts and practices regarding these transactions,
  • Evaluating the applied transfer pricing methods and deciding on the new transfer pricing method if necessary,
  • Determining the comparable price as a result of economic analysis and internal and external peer research
  • Ekonomik analiz ve iç ve dış emsal araştırmaları sonucunda emsal fiyat tespit edilmesi

Transfer Pricing Services

Preparation of Transfer Pricing Reports Services

Advance Pricing Agreements

Consulting Services Regarding Transfer Pricing Disputes