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Businesses create rule sets that their employees must obey in order to ensure working order in their internal structures. They prefer to have an audit in order to learn whether these rules are complied with or not, and it is beneficial for such audits to be carried out externally by independent auditors. With the compliance audit, our aim is to determine the degree of compliance of the practitioners with the form requirement or code of conduct set by a certain authority.

In the company, if,

  • there are doubts as to whether internal directives are followed,
  • it is desired to find out whether the internal directives fully meet the needs of the business,
  • it is wondered whether tax, incentive, customs, social security etc. practices are compatible with the applicable legal regulations,
  • assessment of current structure by independent auditors, if required to be handled,

compliance audit is needed.

As a result of the compliance audit, full compliance with internal directives and legal regulations is ensured.

We can list the stages of compliance audit as follows;

  • All activity processes of the business are determined.
  • Internal control procedures of the business regarding processes are obtained.
  • The processes of the business are observed, re-applied and examined.
  • Internal control applications are determined.
  • Unnecessary procedures in the business are determined.
  • Internal control weaknesses of the company are determined.
  • A letter of recommendation is prepared to the management.

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