Muhasebe ve Finansal Raporlama
  • Keeping the accounting records of the companies in accordance with the Uniform Chart of Accounts
  • Timely and accurate preparation and reporting of financial statements
  • IT integration of company ERP system and Accounting system and its control
  • Preparation and reporting of financial analysis
  • Preparation and reporting of cash flow statements
  • Preparation and reporting of financial cash flow statements
  • Establishing the accounting organization
  • Checking the accounting records according to the relevant tax laws
  • Testing the accuracy of current account balances by making cash, bank, customer and seller account reconciliations
  • Correct and timely sending of financial statements to banks and other financial institutions
  • Data entry into its own ERP system in line with the customer’s request (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics etc.)

Accounting and Financial Reporting Services

International Accounting and International Financial Reporting Transformation Services

Tax Consulting and Declaration Services

Cost and Management Accounting Services

Finance and Office Management Services

Payroll and SSI Transactions

Trade Registry Procedures

Accounting, Financial Reporting and Tax Trainings

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